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Human and Educative aims

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» The education we need for the world we want

Thematic Social Forum Rio+20, Rio+20 Thematic Group on Education, published the 21 November 2012.

1. The current situation: complexity of crises, diversity of individuals and challenges of a strategic agenda Rio+20 develops in a global situation of crisis. We are not only witnessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of the crisis of financial capitalism in its neoliberal phase, but a crisis of greater magnitude that evidences the problems intrinsic to the current system and that affect key areas of life and is expressed in various local, regional and global events. Although the eyes of analysts and public opinion have focused on Europe and the U.S., the situation shows signs of global exhaustion and demands for alternatives for humanity (...)

» Seven complex lessons in education for the future

Edgar Morin, published the 16 March 2011.

. CHAPTER I : DETECTING ERROR AND ILLUSION Everything we know is subject to error and illusion. The education of the future should confront this double-faced problem of error and illusion. The greatest error would be to underestimate the problem of error, the greatest illusion to underestimate the problem of illusion. Recognition of error and illusion is all the more difficult in that error and illusion are not recognized as such. Error and illusion have been parasitizing the human mind from the first days of homo sapiens. When we consider the past, including the recent past, it seems to us that people were blinded by countless errors and illusions. In (...)

» Politics and school. The anthropological dimension

Armen Tarpinian, published the 24 November 2010.

“Why is it that schools fail to provide all children with equal opportunities to stimulate their desire to learn, to develop their humanity?” Encouraging field experiences do exist, though; statements in favor of a society project that endeavors to assure a true psychosocial and humanist education. School achievement and human achievement Given the promises and threats from Modernity, can’t the pertinent politics and education suggest which vision of a human being we are tending to? Issues such as family, school, society, political action and evolution are undoubtedly connected. Any learning that is good for school is also good for life: learning to learn, (...)

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