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François Soulard, published the 31 May 2010.

This site is intended as a tool for collective intelligence at the service of the educational actors, helping them get into a systemic view of the educational challenges, understand the mutations and identify what happens in the different circles based on reflections and concrete cases.

For that it relies on:

  • A thematic structuring of theoretical and practical proposals avoiding the plethora of scattered information.
  • A plurality of views, materials and languages. The contents are for now focused on the works of the Collective School Forging New Paths available in French. Other contributions will gradually expand the project.
  • An access portal and links to more detailed documents on the specialised sites of partners.
  • A method to get to the essence through selected texts, rigorous from the editorial point of view.
  • A philosophy of mutualisation. Far from competing with specialised institutions, the site wants to contribute to make them known and value their expertise. The information resources are posted under licence Creative Commons by-nc 2.0.

A link with the Confederation of ressources for a worldwide democracy will be examined as the initiative progresses.


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