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» Convergence Assembly on Education of the World Social Forum - Dakar 2011

World Social Forum, published the 6 March 2011.

Convergence Assembly Dakar, 10 February 2011. The participants in the Education Assembly of the WSF, gathered at the Cheik Anta Diop University, in the City of Dakar, on February 10th 2011, representing a diversity of social movements, educational networks, teachers’ unions, popular organizations, students, organized engaged parents, from international, regional and national organizations, hereby endorse and support by consensus the following points of agreement, after a process of democratic deliberation and convergence inclusive of the agendas of our own organizations, vowing our engagement with the education of our peoples, in agreement with the Chart (...)

» Give our Schools Every Chance. Ten possible transformations

Collectif Ecole changer de cap, published the 21 January 2011.

Open Letter by the Collective School Forging New Paths COLLECTIVE SCHOOL FORGING NEW PATHS Laurence Baranski, Marie-Françoise Bonicel, Henri Charpentier, Olivier Clerc, Daniel Favre, Jacques Fortin, André Giordan, Maridjo Graner, Véronique Guérin, Claire Héber-Suffrin, Georges Hervé, Jacques Lecomte, Brigitte Liatard, Bruno Mattéi, Edmond Marc, Edgar Morin, Jacques Nimier, Aline Peignault, Brigitte Prot, Paul Robert, Charles Rojzman, Théa Rojzman, Vincent Roussel, Claire Rueff-Escoubès, François Soulard, Armen Tarpinian, Eliane Tarpinian, Édith Tartar-Goddet (Coordination: Armen Tarpinian). Email: - (...)

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