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» A lesson in Temple University College of Education

Charles Rojzman , Novella Keith, published the 24 February 2011.

Urban Education program and Office of multicultural Affaires Urban Education 5630, Fall 2010 (CRN070241): Special Topics Seminar Facilitating Dialogue and Action with Diverse Groups Instructors: Professors Novella Keith & Charles Rojzman Rationale We live in a time of increasing social diversity, when groups that have been excluded from the social mainstream clamor to be recognized and included. Reactions to these claims are complex: our times are marked by both increased openness to diversity and increased intolerance, hatred and violence, which threaten the social fabric and democratic life. In a seeming paradox, in order to preserve our (...)

» The planet of Allostery

André Giordan, published the 30 October 2010.

Over the last ten years or so, the mechanisms of the "learning" have been radically transformed with the emergence of the allosteric model.
 Today numerous teams around the world are using it successfully (modelo alosterico de aprentizaje o MAA, allosteric learning model) and not only in Sciences where it was first developed. It is use in the teaching of languages, human sciences, economics, health science and sports, mathematics etc. It is in use in kindergarten as well as in universities. 
This is what will eventually bring progress to both, the teaching methods (the fact that the teacher teaches doesn’t imply that the student learns") and the structure of (...)

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