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» Developing Motivation

Brigitte Prot, published the 21 April 2011.

Education I carry out work on motivation with primary, secondary and college graduate students. Such work invites them to understand and construct the reasons for their learning and their presence in class. This allows them to take stock of their school situation to develop self-confidence and to acquire tools for a personal project. This work introduces five aspects : class interventions, class audits during crises, group facilitation, motivation and orientation balances ®©, and personalized escorting. My proposal includes education, conferences and providing teachers and parents with support on the same topics, with one common goal: school and (...)

» The State of Student Social and Emotional Health

Australian Scolarships Group, published the 16 December 2010.

Excerpts and findings from the ASG Student Social and Emotional Health Report for media, parents, educators and the community. ASG Student Social and Emotional Health Report The Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has commissioned and funded the ASG Student Social and Emotional Health Report as part of its ongoing contribution to supporting children’s education. The Report makes a valuable contribution to the expansion of collective knowledge on the topic of student social and emotional health. International researcher Professor Michael E Bernard, from the Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne, co-authored the report in conjunction with Andrew (...)

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